Are the transfers easy to use?

Yes! I supply a full set of instructions with every order and a free sample for you to practice with. (If I can use them, you can...!)

What happens if I make a mistake when using the transfers?

I have spent a long time developing the instructions and give the full guidance as provided by the supplier of the vinyl. I therefore cannot replace any transfers that aren't correctly applied as I can't quality control what each customer does once they receive their order. In the event that a transfer is not applied as per the instructions you will need to re-order.

Can you wash garments with iron-on transfers on?

Yes. If applied correctly you can wash at 30 degrees inside out. Iron on the reverse after washing and do not tumble dry.

How long will my order take to arrive?

I aim to deliver within 7-10 working days of payment. If you have a particular deadline then please email and let us know, we always try to accommodate requests. 

How do you apply the iron on transfers?

1. Turn on your iron to the garment't setting that you are applying the transfer and switch off the steam. 

2. Remove the colourful tape and peel away the clear protective sticky sheet from the shiny backing paper. 

3. Place the clear protective sheet with the transfer attached onto your garment, sticky side down (if you have multiple transfers on the sheet you can cut in-between them)

4. Cover your transfer with a cloth, spare piece of fabric or baking paper. 

5. Iron on with an even pressure for approx 20 seconds (longer if you have a low iron setting).

6. Leave for a few seconds to cool slightly then gently peel off the protective clear sheet from one corner whilst it is warm, not hot. If the transfer is not coming away easily then repeat 5).

7. To secure a GLITTER transfer properly iron over the transfer once the sheet has been removed. For a METALLIC or MATT transfer reverse the garment and iron. 

8. Use the free sample I provide with each order as a tester before you use your main transfer. Wash it, experiment with iron settings to ensure you get it right. 

What are your delivery charges?

UK postage is fixed at £2 for standard first class.I can post workdwide and is £4 standard.

What is your returns policy?

I cannot accept returns or provide refunds or exchanges due to the personalised nature of the transfers. If the product is not as ordered (i.e. mis-spelt or incorrect colour/finish) then I will supply a replacement.

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?

Yes - you'll find Elrose Cottage on both - follow me for the latest offers, product developments and giveaways too!